Route 1: Saronic Gulf

7 days | 120 nm
A comfortable route for a quiet family holiday. Ideal weather conditions. No significant crossings between the islands.

Route 2: Cyclades

7 days | 210 nm
A popular itinerary to the nearby Cyclades islands. An active and dynamic course.

Route 3: Cyclades

7 days | 220 nm
The most popular itinerary for visiting the pearl of the Mediterranean island of Mykonos is by boat.

Route 4: Cyclades

7 days | 240 nm
For lovers of IVF sailing holidays in the blue lagoons of the most beautiful islands and beaches.

Route 5: Cyclades

14 days | 260 nm
The Greater Cyclades. The most dynamic route for active and advanced yachters with a good sailing experience.

Route 6: Athens - Crete

14 days | 320 nm
An offshore route. Possible one-way or return to base in Athens.

Route 7: Athens - Rhodes

14 days | 480 nm
Offshore itinerary for skilled yachtsmen and crew. It requires good sailing skills.

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