7 days | 220 nm
Highly dynamic.
This is the most popular itinerary for those who are ready for brisk and short crossings to the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades and for those who want to visit the pearl of the Mediterranean, Mykonos. 
To Mykonos tend to get all lovers of active recreation under sail. The route is busy as the winds around Tinos and Mykonos begin to blow strong, with gusts reaching 30 nautical knots. Mykonos is the only marina for sailing yachts; mooring must be booked in advance.
Day 1 Athens - Kea 38 n.m.
Day 2 Kea - Andros 25 n.m.
Day 3 Andros - Tinos 30 n.m.
Day 4 Tinos - Myconos   9 n.m.
Day 5 Myconos - Syros 17 n.m.
Day 6 Syros - Kythnos 38 n.m.
Day 7 Kythnos - Athens  44 n.m.

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