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Overview and attractions of Mykonos

Mykonos is a small Greek island part of the Cycladic archipelago, famous for its sandy beaches, amazing sea, and ancient sights and considered the center of everything bright and unconventional. It is a bohemian resort that has managed to retain its identity and Mediterranean atmosphere. The island of Mykonos is no exception among the Greek islands and also occupies an important place in Greek mythology. Mykonos is the son of Apollo and the hero of Greek myths.

The history of the island corresponds to the united history of Hellas. Excavations have uncovered the first settlements here, which date back to the third millennium B.C. The island was inhabited by settlers of the Kares tribe and later their place was taken by the Ionians. Mykonos island, like the rest of Greece, was part of the Roman and then Byzantine Empire until it came under the patronage of the Venetians in the 12th century. After 300 centuries, the island was occupied by the Ottoman Empire, which ruled here until the early 19th century.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see in Mykonos

  • The Mills of Mykonos

  • The stone church of Papaportiani

  • Alefkandra. Little Venice

  • Beaches of Mykonos

The Mills of Mykonos 

They can only be photographed from the outside. It is a spectacular place, against which tourists take impressive pictures. Once there were 28 mills, today there are only seven. It is better to come here early in the morning to admire not only the mills but also an impressive view of the sea and little Venice. Here you can also meet pelicans that are not afraid of people and pose for pictures.

The stone church of Papaportiani 

This white building is called the pearl of the island. The church is an architectural monument of the 16th-17th centuries and is notable for being built almost without corners. The church is in the style that distinguishes the Kikeland archipelago and consists of several chapels. The church looks stunning against the blue sky. As well as in the mills, the entrance to the church is closed and you can admire the historical monument only from the outside.

Little Venice

A picturesque corner of the island is called Alefkandra. It is an old quarter, built in the 18th century. Rich merchants and captains lived here. The area is called Little Venice because of the whimsical colorful balconies that overhang the sea. There are many cozy taverns, from the terraces of which you can be surprised every day with unique sunsets.

Beaches in Athens   Beaches of Mykonos

The famous sandy beaches of Mykonos are nestled in a wind-protected bay on the southern coast. Here you can stay in boutique hotels and admire the beautiful sea every day and go to the white town for a nighttime promenade in the evening:

Ornos Beach

Located near the capital. Characterized by infrastructure and fish restaurants, where you can enjoy fresh seafood.

Platys Yalos Beach

A crowded area with a well-equipped infrastructure where you can take a boat to any beach in Mykonos.

Paranga beach 

A paradise for the youth. In the southern part of the beach, nudists gather. In general, there are many nudist beaches on the island. 

Psaru Beach 

Attracts attention with its golden sand and tranquil sea. Here you can go scuba diving.

Paradise Beach 

Already by the name, you can tell that this is a popular gathering place for those who like to relax to loud music and dance until morning.

Super Paradise

A place is beloved by members of sexual minorities. You can only get here by sea cab.

Agari and Elia.

Agrari is preferred by tourists who choose a relaxing vacation. Elia, where tourists who are into water skiing and surfing as well as lovers of nude sunbathing gather.

Agia Anna and Lia. 

Beaches are remote from the center, where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday.

In the northern part of the island, you can find secluded, untouched tourist infrastructure. But they can only be reached by car.

charter yacht   Mykonos marina facilities

The Mykonos marina is recommended to be booked more than two days before arrival at the port. Parking in Mykonos is chargeable and can be paid at the office near the marina. 

Reservation of a place for the yacht using SMS message on the phone of office-marina, and as we recommend to duplicate on e-mail. The address is given below. Write down these coordinates, so that your stay on the island was as comfortable as possible.

Phone: +30 694 6942091


VHF: 12

Parking in the marina at anchor. The approach to the mooring is very narrow and you need to be as careful as possible and have time to drop the anchor. The chain is not long due to a lack of space. There's a big risk of the chain hitting the neighboring yachts.  The depth is very shallow and at the pier, it can be as shallow as 2.2 meters. You have to be extremely careful. 

The number of parking spaces is limited.  You can moor only with the permission of the harbormaster, who is always on the pier and you are always helped by the staff on the dingo.

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