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Overview and attractions of Chios

Chios is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. For a long time, it was undeservedly bypassed by travelers and rested on the island only for Greeks who were looking for quiet beaches and quiet secluded areas. As soon as Greece began to develop eco-tourism, the island became a famous resort destination, where tourists from all over the world now come to see the harmony between pristine nature and civilization.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see on Chios

  • Byzantine Fortress

  • Ethnographic Museum

  • Justinian's Palace Museum

  • Byzantine Museum

  • Maritime Museum

  • Archeological Museum


This is the main attraction of the island, which is located in the capital city. It is located near the harbor and was built during the reign of the Byzantines in the 10th century. It is clear from the architecture of the fortress that it was once a well-fortified settlement.

Ethnographic Museum

An interesting attraction of the capital city. The museum operates inside the city library. Here interesting historical artifacts are exhibited. There is also a gallery of Argentine art.

Justinian's Palace Museum

The monument of architecture deserves special attention. It is located in the center of the capital not far from the main gate of the ancient fortress.

Byzantine Museum

An interesting museum that is located in the main square of the capital in the building of an ancient mosque built during Ottoman rule in the late 19th century. The mosque itself is an important architectural and historical monument.

Maritime Museum

The history of the island is inseparably connected with the sea trade and the development of navigation. And if you visit the Maritime Museum, you'll learn about how the island developed in this area.

Archaeological Museum. 

An interesting place to visit where historical finds and artifacts are on display.

Beaches in Athens   The Beaches of Chios

The island's coastline abounds with beautiful beaches that offer stunning views of the azure sea.

Bella Vista Beach

A well-equipped pebble beach is located near the main port of the capital. This is the best vacation spot for those who stay in the center and have no desire to explore further areas. The beach has attractions, a lifeguard team, taverns, and bars.

Mersinidi Beach

A wild and secluded beach where romantic natures love to relax. Although the beach has recently become more crowded, its beauty is worth appreciating with your own eyes.

Glary Beach.

A place where the seagull's nest. Here the sea is cool and greenish, and the beach has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable holiday.


This is a well-equipped beach with a pebble surface. It attracts lots of tourists who like to go scuba diving. The sea is deep, so it is not suitable for holidays with small children.


Isolated wild beach, covered with pebbles. The vacation spot is surrounded by a shady grove, and there are taverns and bars around. But the beach itself remains unorganized.

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