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Overview and Attractions of Rhodes

Rhodes is the fourth largest island in the Cyclades archipelago. According to myths, the sun god asked Zeus for this island as a gift for his beloved, and in exchange for this gift, he promised never to leave the island. The inhabitants of the island in ancient times, to commemorate their patron, built one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes, which was destroyed during an earthquake.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see in Rhodes

  • Butterfly Valley

  • Mount Filerimos

  • Caliphia

  • Rodini Park

  • Old Town

  • City of Lindos

  • Kamiros

  • Monte Smith Mountain

  • Seven Springs

  • Beaches

Butterfly Valley

Located in one of the most picturesque parts of the island. Here you can hide from the heat and see a large number of yellow and black butterflies, which live in colonies on the centuries-old trees. A trip to the valley of butterflies is combined with a visit to an apiary, where you can watch the process of collecting honey.

Mount Filerimos

On the top of the mountain is a reserve, on the territory of which there is a monastery and the ruins of an ancient city. The top of the hill is crowned by a cross. It can be reached by climbing the spiral staircase. From the cross, you can get to the observation point and from there you have a breath-taking view of the whole island. In the shop at the monastery, you can buy a special liquor, which is made by the nuns.


The place where there are thermal springs. It is a favorite place for tourists who enjoy taking a dip in the healing waters, beneficial to the skin. In Kalifea there are therapeutic sanatoriums.

Rodini Park

A beautiful shady park where you can walk through the alleys and watch the peacocks. In the park are arranged beautiful ponds with wooden bridges. An ancient cave burial ground and an aqueduct are nearby.

Old Town

Tours of the historic center start at the port where the Colossus of Rhodes once stood. From here you can enter through a gate and get into the old town, which is surrounded by fortress walls. Many emotions tourists evoke a fortress that belonged to the Hospitallers of the Order of Malta and the Palace of the Grand Masters. On the territory of the city, there are souvenir shops, taverns, and a square with a pink mosque.

City of Lindos

Settlement in which is a large number of snow-white houses, which belong to the fishermen. The city is also known for the fact that there are the ruins of the ancient Acropolis and the temple of Athena. The rock on which the acropolis is built is washed by the bay of St. Paul, who according to legend, came down to the island to spread Christianity.


A city that has the remains of an ancient acropolis on a scale comparable to that of ancient Pompeii. Most of the buildings date back to the sixth century BC. An earthquake destroyed the city, and the remains of ancient tombs were found here many thousands of years later.

Monte Smith Mountain

It towers over the island and is named after the general who commanded the troops assembled to confront Napoleon. The mountain offers a beautiful view of the strait that separates the island from the Turkish coast. On the way up the mountain, you can visit the ruins of the school of oratory, the ancient Pythian stadium, and the temples of Zeusia Athena.

Seven Springs

A natural attraction that is considered one of the most visited on the island. In this place, an underground spring emerges from the ground in seven places in beautiful streams that flow from the rocks and then rush through a tunnel and fill an artificial lake.

Beaches in Athens   Beaches of Rhodes

The island is not only full of historical and natural attractions. Rhodes is also attractive with its beautiful beaches, where you can relax after many excursions.

The beach at St. Paul's Harbor

The vacation spot is near the settlement of Lindos. The secluded atmosphere is conducive to a pleasant rest. The beach is equipped with umbrellas, and sun loungers and you can swim in the clearest seawater. The beach is suitable for children.

Lindos beach 

The main beach of the city for recreation with few tourists. On this beach, the sea is always quiet, there is no wind, and the beach has a well-developed beach infrastructure, and organized attractions for children.

Agathi Beach

Located near the resort town of Haraki. You can get here by bus from the capital. The bay is surrounded by rocks, among which you can find pine groves. This beach is perfect for family vacations.

Tsambika Beach

A luxurious beach on the island, surrounded by rocks that hide it from the outside world. It is also comfortable for children, thanks to the gentle descent into the sea and shallow depth.

Beach Oasis

Located in the beautiful forest of Kalifa. Tourists call this beach the most unusual, as it is located entirely on the rocks.

Plakia Beach

Located in a small resort settlement Pefki. Here you can come for the whole day. Around the beach are open taverns and cafes, the water is clean and the descent into the sea is gentle and smooth.

charter yacht   How to reach Rhodes

Rarely do yachtsmen travel to Rhodes from Athens or Lavrio? Generally, yachts are chartered in Rhodes or on the nearby island of Kos. There are many beautiful and noteworthy islands around Rhodes for traveling and exploring. For this reason, it is customary to take a yacht in this region and sail to the islands of the southern Aegean region (Dodecanese). 

Facilities at Rhodes Marina

All marinas are located on the eastern tip of the island. In 2018, a modern marina was opened next to the old port. The cost of the marina is much more expensive compared to the rest of the Greek islands. 

The marina conforms to all the latest requirements and standards of the EU.

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