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Overview and attractions of the island of Aegina

Aegina is one of the most popular Greek islands for tourist and cultural holidays. There are many unique archaeological monuments and cultural centers in the island, surrounded by magnificent natural beauty scenery. The name of the island is connected with the ancient history of Greece.

In myths, there is a story about Aegina, the daughter of the God of rivers, who was kidnapped by Zeus on this island and gave birth to his son Eacus. The Greek Island is called the jewel of the Argosaronic archipelago for a reason because it is difficult to find another such corner of the planet, which by its nature and climate reminds Eden. Today Enigma has become the center of pilgrimage of tourists from all over the world, although just recently only locals rested here.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to visit on Aegina?

  • Moni Island

  • Monastery of St. Nektarios

  • Suvala

  • The Tower of Markelos

  • Perdica

  • Temple of Afaya

  • Port

  • The archaeological site of Kolonna

Moni Island

It is an island untouched by civilization, located off the southwestern coast of Aegina. It is inhabited only by animals and birds. You will be interested to see the wild goats, deer, peacocks, and other fauna of this region.

The Women's Monastery of St. Nektarios

It is an important Christian sanctuary that is located at a distance of 6 km from the capital of the island. The monastery is located on a hill from where you can enjoy the magnificent natural scenery. Next to the monastery, there is a chapel where the tomb of St. Nektarios used to be located. According to legend, if you put your ear to the tomb, you can hear a knock.

Suvala town

A small resort town in the northern part of Aegina. People who like to have a rest come here. The beaches of the town are famous for their clear seawater, smooth entrance, and absence of waves.

The Tower of Markelos

A significant landmark of the island, which is located in the historic part of the capital, is hidden from the main streets of the city. The square-shaped tower is painted in pink, which in places is a little burned out, but this didn't affect the attractiveness of the structure and made it more attractive to tourists. The tower became the place of meetings of the Greek government during the revolution which happened in 1821.

Perdika fishing village

A small fishing town is a charming and beautiful place in Aegina. Perdika is a small fishing village of Aegina, right next to the Bay of Marathon. Here you can always taste the fresh fish.

The temple of Athena Athenaia

This is an ancient building dedicated to the patroness of the island Afaea. The temple represents one of the most famous landmarks on the island. Archaeologists have long believed that the temple was built in honor of the goddess Athena, as they found a large number of her statues and images on the pediment. However, it later turned out that the construction of the temple was dedicated to the goddess Aphaia. Twenty-four marble columns have survived to this day.

Port of Aegina 

Aegina is famous for its big port which is not only a landing stage for Athens' ships but also for private boats, motorboats, and yachts. Walking around the port you can see the lighthouse, which runs on solar panels, a monument to the Maecenas who helped build the port, a small church built in the Greek style. On the waterfront, you can take a picture next to the ancient anchor.

The archaeological site of Kolonna 

This monument is named after the only column that was left on the acropolis from the temple of Apollo. Archaeologists found traces of Neolithic human activity. Here you will find ruins of fortress walls dating back to the Bronze Age, a religious monument of the Attalids, and the walls of a Byzantine defensive fortress.

Beaches in Athens   Beaches of Aegina

You can visit the island of Aegina while you are on vacation in Athens. There are not only many interesting sights but also gorgeous beaches where you can relax and get a nice tan.

Loutra Beach

A magnificent beach with a shallow entrance to the water. So, it is comfortable to stay here with kids. The beach is well equipped, with sun loungers and umbrellas. 

Colona Beach

A beautiful beach, which is located in a small harbor. The beach is not particularly comfortable. There are a few taverns nearby, and you can find a couple of umbrellas on the beach itself. But there is a stunning view of the bay from the shore, and the resting place itself is surrounded by a grove.


A gorgeous beach where yoga classes are held in the mornings. In the evening, people like to hold noisy dances here. Often there are entertaining programs. The bay is surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

Ayia Marina

The long sandy beach of the island. The water here is shallow, so you can comfortably relax with children. On the beach love to gather together as a couple. On the beach, you can rent a deck chair. Next to it, there is a coastal bar, where you can grab a bite to eat.


A small but popular beach on the island where many young people hang out. The beach is full of entertainment, equipped with a volleyball court, sun loungers, and umbrellas.

How to reach Aegina

The island of Aegina is in the Saronic Gulf and is the closest point to the charter bases of Athens. The distance to Athens is only 12m. 

Since the winds in the area are northerly or northwesterly, the island is comfortably navigated by fordwind or bagstack.

charter yacht   The marina facilities in Aegina

The marina of the island is a large port in the city, where the ferries also dock. The marina has enough places to park. There are places for charter yachts, but also a lot of places for private yachts where you can't park. There are "NO MURING" signs on them.  There are also places for police and tourist boats, which must also always be free.

Parking in the marina is anchored. There may be mooring chains on the bottom, so it is very common to get an anchor hooked to the bottom here. The depth is very shallow and the pier can reach only 2.2 meters. You have to be extremely careful.

Shore connection for water and electricity is not free. The cost is 4 euros. Payment for water and electricity on the fact of consumption. To get a key to connect to the pump, you have to visit the marina office and leave a security deposit for the key of 30 euros. When you return the key, you will deduct the cost of spent electricity.

The number of berths in the marina for sailing yachts is about 20-25 and therefore it's customary to come before 4 p.m., as this is the first island after Athens, all the ships on the first day of the charter come to this island.  The marina is not provided with showers and other facilities.

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