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Overview and attractions of Milos

The Greek Island of Milos is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. It was here that the statue of Venus of Milos, which is exhibited in the Louvre, was found. The island of volcanic origin is located in the southeastern part of the Cycladic Archipelago. Milos has a scarcity of vegetation and the western part is uninhabited, with only two unpaved roads.

The history of the island is full of different events, which left behind many historical sites. And the beautiful volcanic rocks and sea grottoes have long been the geological landmarks of Milos.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to visit in Milos

  • Philakopi

  • Ancient Theater

  • Catacombs

  • Fiorichia

  • Sarakiniko

  • Kleftiko

  • Arcudes


The ancient village of the island, of which the ruins have survived to this day. At the excavations of the ancient city, you can see ancient residential buildings and temples that were built between 3300 and 1100 BC. While walking in this archaeological park, pay attention to the palace, the sanctuary, and the Cyclopean wall, which is lined with huge boulders. The park is still undergoing restoration work, so some parts are closed to the public.

Ancient Theatre

Remains of an ancient theater in Tripiti. The theater was built in the 3rd and 4th centuries BC. But despite such an age, the theater has been preserved almost in pristine condition. Here you can see the tribunes made of marble, the stage, and the orchestra pit. In addition to the theater, the excavated area has the former city wall, and you have the opportunity to wander among the ruins of ancient temples, in one of which the famous statue of Aphrodite was found.


The catacombs were built at the end of the second century. The structure takes the form of three catacombs, each of which seamlessly connects to the other. There is also a tomb adjoining them. According to historical references, the catacombs were used as a shelter by the first Christians on the island. This is evidenced by the numerous artifacts that were found inside. Today only the second catacomb is open to the public.


An important historical part of the island is the mines where metal and sulfur were mined. To understand how important this industry was to the life of the island, you can stop by the Mining Museum before visiting. The mines do not perform their functions today, but the island authorities have turned them into an open-air museums.


A natural monument that brought worldwide recognition to the island. It represents snow-white cliffs, which are washed by the azure sea. This geographical monument was named after the pirates who once hid here. Well, accordingly, this place is one of the most visited on the island.


Another natural landmark, which often gets on the cover of travel digests. Cleftico is volcanic rocks that arch over the bottomless sea and caves. It is a favorite hiking route. You can reach this magnificent place exclusively by boat.


The geological landmark of the island. These are clay and stone blocks, located near the village of Platiena. In this place, you will need a fully-charged camera, as you will not find another such phenomenon in the territory of Hellas.

Beaches in Athens   The beaches of Milos Island

Since Milos is one of the most picturesque islands in the Cycladic archipelago, the beaches here are of unbelievable beauty.

Beach Firopotamos

It lies in a cozy cove, where fishermen and sailors gather. A traditional beach for relaxation, where you can spend your time not only in the shade of the trees but also enjoys your lunch in one of the traditional Greek taverns.

Sarakiniko beach

A paradisiacal place that appears as a shore created by volcanic rocks, washed by the emerald sea. This is one of the places in Milos where more pictures are taken. If you are going to rest on this beach, bring food and drinks.

Parafragas beach

A small and cozy beach, which is located in the center of a rocky gorge. It is a true natural attraction where you will swim in crystal clear water and sunbathe on the golden sand.

Polonia Beach

This is a family beach where large companies like to gather. The beach has a playground, many cafes, and taverns.

Paliohori beach

A sandy beach surrounded by colored rocks. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and therefore one of the most popular. You can sunbathe on loungers and go windsurfing or snorkeling.

Beach of Agia Kyriaki

A great place with a wide beach, studded with sand. The marina is surrounded by mountainous terrain, and you can swim here in the clearest sea. There are bars along the coastline where you can taste delicious cocktails.

Tsigrado Beach

The coastline will greet you with a snow-white beach. This is one of the popular places for recreation athletes and young people. The beach is fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable holiday.

Beach Firiplaka

Located in the southern part of the island. This is a rocky coast, formed by rocks of volcanic origin, among which is a strip of sand. There are rarely waves and no wind, so the beach is comfortable for children.


The beach attracts with its golden sand and shallow water.

Gerontas Beach

This is a vacation spot, the view of which takes your breath away. The sapphire sea is surrounded by snow-white rocks. A perfect place for snorkeling. Even though the beach lacks infrastructure, the beach is one of the most popular.

charter yacht   How to reach Milos

The marina of Milos Island is 75 miles from Athens and 64 miles from Santorini. All sailors seek to get to Milos and it is convenient to do so when the charter is for at least 14 days and the route is to Santorini. 

Facilities in Milos Marina

Milos marina is not very big, but it is situated in the middle of the bay, so it is protected from the wind and waves. It's anchored on a small pier. But you can also anchor in the blue lagoon.

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