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Overview and attractions of Kithnos island

The Greek island of Kithnos is not notable for its natural diversity. It is a mountainous and barren area of the Cycladic archipelago. But it has one feature - thermal springs. The island is quite quiet and one of the main attractions is walks along the coastal bays.

According to the legend, the first inhabitants of the island were the Dryopes, after the king from which the island got its name. In the 13th century, the island was ruled by the Venetians and in the 16th century, it came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. It was one of the first islands that took part in the War of Liberation and reunited with Greece.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see in Kitnos

  • Port Merichas

  • Chora

  • Loutra

  • Dryopida

  • Pangia Canal Church

  • Byzantine Museum

  • Folklore Museum

  • Katafiki Cave

Port of Kithnos Island

This is the place where the ferries arrive from Piraeus. The area is characterized by sandy beaches, and in summer and especially at weekends it becomes a popular vacation spot for tourists and locals alike. There are two sandy beaches to the north of the port and one to the south. You can get to them by bus.

The ancient city of Chora

The settlement is located 8 km from the capital. It is worth visiting to get acquainted with the traditional architecture of Cycladic art. Tourists' attention is attracted by the temple of Transfiguration of the Savior with a carved wooden iconostasis, as well as by St. Sava. Not far from this place the monastery of Virgin Nikos is situated. An underground Greek school operated here during Ottoman rule. In recent years, wind turbines and solar panels have been installed in the choir.


The area with thermal springs is located 5 km from Chora. The composition of the thermal waters is favorable for arthritis, rheumatism, and gynecological diseases. There is a beautiful beach in Loutra, which makes the area more and more popular every year.


A large settlement near which there is a stalactite cave. From Dryopida you can walk to the beaches and the bay of Agios Stephanos, which is sheltered from the winds. Dryopida has a sandy beach, many fish restaurants, and guest houses.

Pangia Canal Church

The cathedral is located in the village of Canal at the top of the hill. The architecture of the church beckons the eager eyes of tourists - beautiful stone arches, a relief atrium, and a magnificent garden that surrounds the temple. During the Byzantine period, the church served as a monastery. An ancient icon of the Virgin Mary, painted by the Cretan artist Skordilis, is preserved in the church.

Byzantine Museum

This museum is located in the village of Dryopida and is housed in the church of St. George. The exhibition features Byzantine and post-Byzantine era icons. The church itself is well preserved and can be recognized immediately by its flat blue roof.

Folklore Museum

The folklore museum is situated in Dryopida and it has a huge collection of folklore art. Here you can get acquainted with the household items and clothes of the local people. The exhibits allow you to learn about the life of the settlers, not only from past centuries but also from ancient times.

Katafiki Cave

It is one of the largest caves of Hellas and is located in the settlement of Dryopida. It was first discovered in the early 19th century. It attracts unusual stalagmites and rock formations. Some of them are rock curtains. This is the term used by the geologist Fiedler, who was the first visitor to the cave. Until the early 20th century, the cave was used as an iron mine.

Beaches in Athens   The Beaches of Kitnos

The beaches of this Greek island are perfect for holidays with children. It has a beautiful sea, which is surrounded by historical monuments and green groves.


One of the picturesque beaches of the island attracts romantics. The beach is very special because of the narrow strip of sand that joins the island to the rocky island of Agios Loucas. Moreover, the strip divides the bay into two parts, thanks to which the beach is surrounded on both sides by the sapphire sea.


It is a long beach, which got its name thanks to the springs that are located nearby. Here you can not only lie in the sun and swim but also improve your health.


It is a small cove, where in summer crowds gather. It is a sandy beach, which is loved by young people and couples with children.

Agios Dimitrios

A beach and resort spot that attracts attention with its crystal clear water and rocky hills, which surround the bay from two sides. The shore is quite gentle, the bottom is sandy and the entrance to the water does not get sharply deep, so it is comfortable to rest here with kids. On the beach also love to gather lovers of scuba diving.


The beach is located in the south of the island. It is a secluded vacation spot, where there is never a crowd of people, even though the beach is sandy and the water is clear.

charter yacht   How to reach Kythnos

Kythnos is where yachtsmen stop when they return from their northern Cyclades itinerary or when their route takes them to Milos in the southern Cyclades. 

It is only 44 nautical miles from Athens. This island is an alternative to the anchorage on Kea. 

The marina facilities at Kythnos

The island has one small marina. Equipped with shoreline utilities, there are shower and toilet facilities for a fee. 

The marina is located deep in the bay and is ideally protected from wind and waves.

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