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Overview and attractions of Santorini 

Santorini is a beautiful Greek island in the Aegean Sea and is considered one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the Cycladic Archipelago. The island was formed after a volcanic eruption when some of the lava went underwater and the remaining rock turned into an amazing crescent-shaped bay.

The hotels in Santorini are very special and each of the islands that make up the Santorini archipelago is a unique natural monument. It's white and black beaches, a volcanic crater, snow-white temples with blue domes, and, of course, the incredible beauty of sunsets.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see in Santorini

  • The island's capital, Thera.

  • The town of Ia

  • Volcanic Crater

  • Archaeological Park

  • Argyros Kanava Gallery

  • Nea Kameni Island

  • Museum of Thira

  • The city of Fira

It will impress you with its white houses, narrow winding streets, small squares, and temples with blue domes. It is situated on the edge of a volcanic basin, which can be reached by steep steps. If such a path seems difficult, you can take a ride on a mule, which is a breeze to the top. 

The town of Ia 

The settlement is located 12 km from the capital. It is a beautiful town, with many lodges which work as a hotel overlooking the volcanic cauldron. To the bay of Ammoudi, you can go down steep paths. There are not only great beaches but also many cafes and taverns where you can taste Mediterranean cuisine.

Volcanic Crater

A geological attraction is a pit filled with azure seawater. It was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred in the area more than three millennia ago. In the center of the pit are two small areas of land with hot springs, indicating volcanic activity.

Archaeological Park

An ancient settlement is located 12 km from the capital. In the 16th century, it was buried under a thick layer of ash. After excavations, it became clear to archaeologists that before the eruption Santorini was a prosperous center, where trade and shipping were actively developing. During the excavations were found frescoes that decorated the homes of residents. The place has been open to the public since 2012.

Argyros Kanava Gallery

An art gallery in Kamari. Here is one of the oldest distilleries on the island, whose walls are decorated with stunning paintings, and niches and corners are decorated with sculptures. In the gallery, there are paintings by Greek and foreign contemporary artists. The owner of the space does not forget about winemaking and produces exclusive wine.

Nea Kameni Island

After a powerful earthquake, when the seawater filled the pit, forming a deep navigable lagoon, leaving two volcanic islands in the center. Nea Kameni is a deserted island on which boats with tourists dock every day. It is a mountain road, studded with gravel, climb to the top of the crater.

Museum of Thira 

The museum collection includes archaeological finds from prehistoric times. In this place, it is impossible to remain indifferent when you realize how old the collected artifacts are. One of the attractions of the museum is a gold figurine of an ibex, which was created in the 7th century BC. Also on display here are fossilized leaves of an olive tree from a pit. Their age is supposed to be 60 thousand years.

Beaches in Athens   Beaches of Santorini

Since the island of Santorini is of volcanic origin, you will not find here the usual beaches with golden or white sand. Here is a small overview of colored beaches on the island.

Black beach Perissa

This is one of the longest beaches on the island. It stretches for more than three kilometers. The beach is located at the foot of the mountain, so there are no winds. The resort has all the necessary infrastructure, in addition, there are always cafes and taverns. The seabed is stony in places and the water is crystal clear.

Black beach of Perivolos

This is the second part of Perry’s beach, which is located in its western part. The beach is characterized by black sand and clear water. However, compared to the first beach, the situation here is more relaxed, the sun loungers are quite scarce and the entrance to the water is sharp and deep.

The Black beach of Kamari

It is a beautiful holiday destination for parents with children. The beach is protected from the wind by the coastal rocks. There is a special area with attractions for children, where animators work to entertain young tourists. Children are better off bathing with adults, as the water entry is quite deep.

Red beach Akrotiri

The beach with red sand is more popular, unlike the beaches with a black coating. In the off-season, there are often waves here, and in the summer the beach is dotted with lounge chairs. The red color was given to the beach by the rocks of the same color that overhang the shoreline.

White Beach

A vacation spot that can only be reached by a water cab. It is a wild and secluded beach. There are always few tourists here, but there are sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach. Food is sold at the beachside kiosk, there are no taverns or restaurants.

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