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Overview and attractions of Syros Island 

The Greek Island of Syros is located in the central part of the Cycladic Archipelago. It is one of the most highly populated areas of the region and a major commercial, administrative and cultural center. The northern part of the island is mountainous and the central part is attractive with a lot of plains and fields. The coast, rugged with rocks, forms different sized bays and two bays.

Ancient and modern traditions are harmoniously blended on the island. The natural landscape is skillfully intertwined with architecture, Christianity with Catholicism, and art, which is characteristic of the archipelago with the classics.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see in Syros

  • Archaeological Museum

  • Markos Bambakaris Museum

  • Ancient Poseidonia

  • Apollo National Theater

  • Transfiguration Cathedral

  • Vaporetto district

  • St. George's Orthodox Cemetery

  • Cross-domed Church of the Resurrection

  • Shipyards

  • Quarantine

Archaeological Museum

It is located in the capital of the island. The museum has a library with more than 35 thousand rare books and manuscripts. On the square, where the museum is located, there is an art center, which operates another museum, where copies of Cycladic art are exhibited. The exhibition of the archaeological museum is represented by ceramic objects, paintings, jewelry, and other archaeological exhibits. 

Markos Bambakaris Museum

The museum is also located in the capital city of Syros - Ermoupolis. The museum exhibition is dedicated to the famous Greek composer, who was born on the island. The museum is open every day.

Ancient Poseidonia

An ancient settlement, on the ruins of which the small town of Dellagration was founded in the 19th century. However, there are still the ruins of a temple that was built in honor of Poseidon, on the site of which St. Peter's Cathedral was built. However, you have the opportunity to touch antiquity. And the city itself has this name, as it is considered the cradle of the island's aristocracy. And you can understand it immediately by looking at the houses and estates of the locals.

Apollo National Theater

A significant landmark of Syros, once designed by the Italian Pietro Sampo. The building attracts attention not only with its elegant architecture but also with its magnificent acoustics.  

Transfiguration Cathedral

This is also a metropolitan landmark. The cathedral is notable because it was the first temple built on the island. Another temple on the island that is recommended to visit is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which houses an icon of the Virgin Mary, created by the world-famous artist, who we know under the pseudonym of El Greco.

Vaporetto district

A prestigious part of the city with a stunning view of the Aegean Sea. The area is surprising with its palaces and houses of the local bourgeoisie, built in neoclassical style. St. George's Orthodox cemetery. It is located in the metropolitan area. Tourists will be interested to see the funerary monuments, statues, busts, and chapels.

The cross-domed Church of the Resurrection

The cathedral was built in the Byzantine style. Its construction started at the end of the 19th century. The temple is located on top of the hill Dili, which rises above the city port.


It is interesting to walk to the Carnagio shipyard where they repair wooden fishing boats.


In the Lazareth area sits an abandoned compound that was built in the early 19th century and was used as an isolation ward for those arriving on the island. This was done to protect the locals from various infectious diseases. At the end of the 19th century, the complex was converted into a psychiatric hospital.

Beaches in Athens   Beaches of Syros

Syros island is interesting not only for its attractions but also for the best beaches in the Cycladic archipelago.


A beautiful beach, which gets its name because of its reddish colored pebbles and sand with a rich burgundy hue. The shoreline is surrounded by beautiful rocks, on which the greenery breaks. A beach is a great place for a relaxing holiday. 


A small but well-equipped beach dotted with sand. There are many hotels, a yacht port, and a tamarisk grove nearby.


A great beach for holidays with children. The water is shallow and the shore is sandy. For children, there is a water park, and fans of active recreation can play beach volleyball.


The most romantic beach on the island. It likes to gather lovers. There are good hotels, taverns, and restaurants around the beach.


A small isolated beach that is surrounded by bizarrely shaped rocks and stones. The coast is all calm water, as the bay is sheltered from the winds.

charter yacht   How to reach Syros

The most logical way to get to Syros is after Mykonos when the route of the trip lies back to Athens or Lavrio. The distance from Mykonos is only 16 nautical miles and from Synod to Athens is 64 miles. 

Winds are predominantly northwest and this is handy when coming down from north to south.

The facilities at Syros Marina

The marina at Syros is large and protected from wind and waves. There is enough room for mooring. The depth allows the mooring of the big boats at the town pier. 

In the Marina, there is always a Habort Master, who helps and recommends how to stand on the night anchorage more comfortably. 

The marina is equipped with electricity and water connections. The cost of parking is about 8 euros, plus the cost of communications.

The pier is urban and the mooring of the yacht is near the promenade and city restaurants. Take this feature into account when mooring for the night.

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