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Overview and attractions of Kos Island

Another pearl of the Aegean Sea is the island of Kos. A vacation on the island is the best way to relax and also to touch something new, to see the sights, the unique architectural monuments, which have survived to this day from ancient times.

The history of the island is inextricably linked to two famous names in medicine - Aesculapius, who was the son of Apollo and could bring back the dead, and Hippocrates, who was born on the island and organized here the first medical school.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see on Kos

  • Asklepios

  • The Castle of the Joannite Knights

  • The Platan of Hippocrates

  • Altar of Dionysus

  • Antimachia Fortress

  • Defterdar Mosque

  • Hadji Hasan Mosque

  • Peacock Forest

  • Ancient Agora

  • House of SasaRomana

  • Archeological Museum

  • Beaches


This is the first landmark that greets tourists who come to vacation on the island. In ancient Greece, there were temples and hospitals on this site, and the people who served here worshipped the god Asclepius or Aesculapius. Archaeologists believe that this is where Hippocrates established his school and taught in it.

The Castle of the Joannite Knights

From the 14th to the 16th century, the island was ruled by the Knights who belonged to the Order of St. John. To defend themselves against Turkish invaders, the knights built a fortress that withstood hundreds of enemy attacks.

The Platan of Hippocrates

Before entering the fortress of Neratzia, tourists can see a sycamore tree, whose age exceeds five hundred years. It is believed that the tree was planted by Hippocrates himself, and in the shade of its leaves taught his followers the basics of medicine.

Altar of Dionysus

Unfortunately, the altar of the god of wine has not been preserved in its original form, as the knights, who were defending themselves from the Turkish raids, stole the stones to build their fortress. However, the spirit of inspiration hangs over the place.

Antimachia Fortress

The best example of medieval architecture. It is situated in the central part of the island near the airport.

Defterdar Mosque

Cult construction is situated in the center of the old city. It is a snow-white building, which is decorated with decorative elements in the Arabic style. Nearby is a market where you can buy a variety of products and sweets.

Hadji Hasan Mosque

It is a monument that dates back to the period of the Ottoman Empire. Hadji Hasan ruled the island, and the mosque was built on the site where the water spring came out of the ground.

Peacock Forest

The colorful attraction of the island. An inconspicuous path leads deep into the forest, which leads to a clearing inhabited by beautiful peacocks.

Ancient Agora

The ruins of this ancient settlement are situated in the center of the city. They were found by accident when an earthquake struck the island in 1933. Archaeologists found fragments of buildings that belong to different eras, from ancient times to Christian sanctuaries.

House of СasaRomana

In the capital of Kos, you can take a walk in the open-air museum and see the ruins of the ancient theater and Roman houses. But a special attraction of the place is the CasaRomana house, which consists of twenty-six rooms decorated with murals and mosaics.

Archaeological Museum

The museum building is located in the central part of the capital. The collection consists of sculptures from the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Beaches in Athens   Kos Beaches

The beaches of the island are striking in their diversity. Here you can relax on both sandy and pebbly beaches, or find an area covered with volcanic sand.

Mastikhari beach

The shoreline is dotted with white sand. This is an exotic beach on the island, which likes to gather holidaymakers. The recreation area is surrounded by trees, creating natural shade. On the beach, you can go windsurfing.

Paradise beach

A coast that fully lives up to its name. It is a place where white silky sand beautifully combines with azure water. The entrance to the sea is gentle, so the beach is safe to choose for a holiday with children, for which there is a small water park.

Tigaki beach

It is the closest beach to the capital of Kos and one of the most beautiful places. On the beach, a large number of tourists and locals gather. It is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable holiday.

Polemi Beach

The beautiful and secluded beach of the island is covered with white sand. There is little or no infrastructure, but a vacation on this beach is a lot of fun.

Limnionas beach

This is the beach of choice for those who appreciate a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. The beach is sheltered in a bay, so it is protected from the wind and waves. It is loved for its clear water, golden sand, and rocky scenery.

charter yacht   How to reach Kos

The route to Kos is most often from Rhodes. There are many charter companies in Rhodes, which will provide any yacht for rent. Very close to Kos are other attractive islands such as Sisi, and Nisyros.

The route to Kos and the neighboring islands is very comfortable since the weather conditions in the area are perfect and the distance between the islands does not exceed 30 miles. 

Facilities at Kos Marina

Kos has a large marina, which meets all world requirements and standards.

The area has a large number of restaurants and yacht stores.

There are all communications and facilities. 

The cost of mooring is close to the European level.

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