Karystos Police: + (30) 22240 22262
Hospital: + (30) 22240 22257

Overview and attractions of Karystos

The small Greek town of Karystos is located on the island of Evia, near where the influential polis of Karystos stood in ancient times. The city is nestled in a beautiful bay, which is surrounded by mountain ranges. By modern standards, it's a fairly young town. Construction began in the 19th century on the orders of King Otto, who planned to move here to the capital of Hellas. The modern Karistos is a resort with a well-developed infrastructure. 

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see

  • Venetian Castle

  • Castel Rosso ruins

  • Yokaleion Cultural Center

  • Elijah the Prophet Temple

Venetian Castle

Was built on the territory of the polis in the 13th century. The building was built in the unrivaled Venetian style, and although the castle has been subjected to numerous reconstructions, the architects managed to preserve its historical appearance.

Castel Rosso

These are the ruins of an ancient building that was built in 1030.

It is a cultural center. It contains a collection of sculptures and ceramics from the Roman and Hellenistic eras.

Temple of the Prophet Elijah

A sacred place is located on Mount Orhi. The entrance to the temple is framed by an ancient door carved out of wood. Inside, there is a small altar and a wall bell, which acts as a bell tower.

charter yacht   How to reach Karystos

Karystos is located on the continent not far from the city of Larion, where many charter companies are concentrated. It is the closest island to Athens or Kea. 

The marina facilities in Karystos

The city's marina is comfortable and convenient. The number of berths is enough to accommodate about 20 yachts. 

There are no conveniences in the marina. There is a connection to water and electricity.

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