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Facts about Athens and its attractions

Athens is a city with a richest history and it’s even evident to everyone that there is a wide range of sights which are ought to be visited. There are a lot of attractions in Athens but as usual there isn’t enough time to enjoy all of them. In particular, people who come to the capital of Greece for beach holiday on one of the islands lack the time for sightseeing. 

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to visit in Athens

  • Plaka Neighbourhood

  • Acropolis

  • Areopagus Hill

  • National Archaeological Museum of Athens

  • Benaki Museum

  • National garden

  • Museum of Greek Folk Art

  • Theatre of Dionysus

  • Church of Agios Eleftherios

  • Tower of the Winds

Plaka Neighbourhood

This is one of the city’s most ancient neighborhoods which is situated in the shadow of the similar ancient building like Acropolis. Here you can wander through narrow streets which are in flowers, green trees and bushes; they captivate and take you to the past by their intricate zigzags. Traditional Greek houses and hospitable taverns are ready here for you.


This is a perfect place for visiting after a walk around the old town. Most people maybe have seen on the pictures the rock with a plateau and a classical Greek temple, a real creation of nature. In antiquity Acropolis was embellished with temples and sculptures, however, today we can see only Temple of Athena Nike as well as Parthenon and Erechtheion. From the rock you can enjoy a splendid view of the city.

Areopagus Hill

A perfect opportunity to see the capital of Greece from the height. The hill is located in the north western part of Acropolis. In the olden days Areopagus was the center of public life, nowadays it is a favorite tourist attraction. People go up to enjoy the beauty and take memorable pictures.

National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Athens can be called one big museum space, however, in order to delve into the antient history it’s recommended to visit the National Archaeological Museum. More than 20 thousand of exhibits which belong to different epochs are presented to visitors.

Benaki Museum

The museum exhibition is also dedicated to the archeology. Nevertheless, what is amazing about its collection is that it includes the artefacts of the period starting from the Paleolithic. Moreover, there are exhibits of Islamic, Andean and Chinese sculpture.

National garden

After the “intense” walking you can relax in the National garden. This is the best place to sit in the coolness. Here as well as in other places there are some remnants of the ancient mosaics, ruins of antic buildings and remnants of the columns. There is also a small zoo and a botanic parc in the garden.  

Museum of Greek Folk Art

Greece is not only a country of antic temples and statues. The exhibits displayed in the museum will help to learn the other sides of the folk life. There are products made of wood, clay or metal, traditional carnival costumes, a collection of weapons and puppets as well as a national theater.

Theatre of Dionysus

Quite a lot has been written about Greek amphitheaters but the oldest one is located in Athens. It was built in the 5th century BC. The oeuvres of such famous authors like Aristofan and Suffolk were staged here. The performance could be watched by 17 thousand spectators at once. The acoustics of the theater also amazes. If one person who is on the stage says a word, the second person, who is in the very last row, will hear him.

Church of Agios Eleftherios

It’s a small church built in the 12th century. The building is considered as one of the most beautiful in Athens. The church is built of marble, intricately carved and is conducive to meditation. 

Tower of the Winds

In this tower with such a romantic title there is a meteorological station. But this tower is interesting for us because of a working hydraulic clock which tell time by the sun. Moreover, the tower was built in the 1st century BC.

Beaches in Athens   Beaches in Athens

If you plan to go on holiday to Athens, apart from sightseeing you will definitely want to relax on the beach. The best beaches of this megapolis are along the south eastern coast of the city, in the Glyfada, as well as to the north-east, in the Marathon.

·      Megalo Kavouri

·      Glyfada

·      Voula

·      Kalamitsi

·      EOT Club Alimos

Megalo Kavouri

This is the best place for a beach holiday in the metropolitan area which is located 20 km from the capital. The coastline of this luxurious zone is covered with golden sand. Within a walking distance there is a large number of bays where you can relax for free. The sea on this beach is shallow and very warm. This vacation spot is quite busy, especially a lot of people gather here on weekends and holidays. On the beach lifeguards work, toilets and a medical center function. In the evening noisy discos are held on the beach.


A resort area of Athens is located 15 km from the capital and is considered as an exquisite place for a summer holiday. Famous people tend to spend vacations here. Today this district is being built up with luxurious houses. In Glyfada there are sandy beaches, some of them are free. On paid municipal beaches you can rent a sunbed. The territory of wild beaches can be dirty and the sea isn’t under the risk.

District of Athens and Voula beaches

This is a famous beach which is located to the south of the capital. It is popular with young people. The vacation spot is equipped with sports facilities, here you can play beach volleyball or football. Moreover, tourists are offered to show their potential while going water-skiing. There are bars with terrasses, changing rooms and showers. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented. Not far away from the beach in a small shop you can buy everything for a holiday. 


This is a nudist beach created in the bay next to other two beaches and it is located 16 km from the Sarti district. Kalamitsi is the third beach, its length is 150 m. This is the most isolated beach which is protected by the cliffs against the waves and the wind. The sea is of green and blue color here. 

Club Alimos

This famous Athenian beach is located in the south western part of the capital. This is a city beach and you can get there by bus or train. Showers, sunbeds and umbrellas are ready here for the holidaymakers. Along the coastline there are taverns, lovers of outdoor activities can enjoy water rides, go snorkeling or water skiing.

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