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Overview and attractions of Kea Island

The Greek Island of Kea is the closest island to the region of Attica. It is considered the sea gateway of the Cycladic archipelago. The shores of the island are quite rocky, between them there are valleys full of vineyards, bushes, and wildflowers. The island has many underground springs, crystal clear springs flow from the mountains, and there are places where eucalyptus trees grow and oak groves are planted.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to visit

  • The village of Julida

  • City of Cartea

  • Archaeological Museum

  • Church of Agia Marina

  • Monastery of Panagia Kastriani

  • The settlement of Agia Irini

  • The Stone Lion

The village of Julida

The capital of the island, however, differs from other major cities not only in the country but also in the whole world. There is almost no infrastructure, which fully reflects the traditional way of life of the islanders. In the village, you can not move around by car. Vehicles must be left at the entrance to the capital. Locals travel on donkeys, which are also used to transport construction materials. To the left of the entrance gate is the Castro area, an ancient part of the village, where you can see ancient fortifications, the ruins of the Venetian wall, and the acropolis.

City of Cartea

In ancient times this city was a city-state and was located in a remote area over a bay. It existed until the Byzantine period. Virtually nothing remains of the ancient city. It was surrounded by walls with six entrances and towers from which the enemy was watched. Inside the walls were public buildings, and during the excavations were found mines, water supply system, etc.

Archaeological Museum

The museum is located near the entrance to the capital city. This modern building was built at the end of the last century. Here you can see parts of the ancient temple erected in honor of Athena. Particularly interesting are the details of the pediment, which depicts scenes with the Amazons. In addition. Marble statues, amphorae, ancient coins, and sculptures are on display in the museum.

Church of Agia Marina

The church is located in the central part of the island near the ruined Byzantine-style tower. It was once a Catholic church whose construction dates back to the 17th century. Next to the temple, there is a spring with running water.

Monastery of Panagia Kastriani 

This holy place is situated 12 km from the capital. According to legend, some shepherds saw the light at the top of a low hill called Kastri and when they reached this place, they found the icon of the Virgin Mary. In this place, it was decided to build a church, which has survived to this day. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was built a large Catholic Church. In the monastery, you can stay for a few days in the guest rooms. From this place, there are spectacular views of the Aegean Sea.

The settlement of Agia Irini 

An ancient settlement that belongs to the late Neolithic period. After excavations, archaeologists found that the inhabitants of this settlement were engaged in fishing, agriculture, and metallurgy. In addition, a cemetery was discovered, which occupied the place at the foot of the hill. The entrance to the territory of the settlement is closed. Tourists are only allowed to stroll along the fences.

The Stone Lion

One of the most significant sights on the island. This is an ancient statue that is carved out of stone. The island of Kea in ancient Greek myths is called water and lived on it in those ancient times nymphs. The gods became envious of the beauty of this island and sent a lion to ravage the island. But the inhabitants asked Aristeas, son of Apollo, to protect them, and he erected a temple to Zeus. This, of course, pleased the supreme god, who caused it to rain, and so the nymphs returned to the island.

Beaches in Athens   Kea Beaches

The beaches of Kea Island are popular with the people of Athens. The island is bathed by a turquoise sea, and the beautiful beaches are found in cozy bays.


According to myths, this place used to be home to nymphs, and now, every weekend, the beach gathers residents of the capital. The beach has been awarded the "Blue Flag". It is also the place where expensive yachts are anchored.


A beautiful beach where you can diversify your holiday by diving or other water activities. There is camping on the beach. In ancient times there was a town here, surrounded by city walls.


A little-visited beach, which can be accessed on a narrow dirt path by motorcycle or foot.


The beach is nestled in a wind-covered harbor. It is a fairly long coastline, which is surrounded by green hills mottled with winding paths.


Located in the port city of the same name, where all tourists arrive on the island by sea. The long beach is dotted with sand and small stones.

charter yacht   How to reach Kea

This island is the closest to Athens or from Lavrio base. It is customary to stop at Kea when sailing to the Cyclades. 

The marina facilities at Kea

The marina of this island is comfortable and convenient. There is not much room (about 20 yachts at the pier), but you can anchor in the middle of the bay. 

It is more comfortable to anchor in the middle of the pier, as the shallow water is closer to the beach, and the ferries come to the far end of the pier and can create a big wave. 

It is customary to arrive before 4 pm on Saturday or Sunday to take a free place at the pier. 

In the Marina, there is a connection to water and electricity. Payment for parking is symbolic. There are no showers or toilets.

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