Overview and attractions of Tilos

The small island of Tilos belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago and is interesting because there are many nature reserves and ancient findings. Despite its diminutive size, the island has 16 unique nature reserves, home to rare birds and rare plants. The island has long been under the scrutiny of archaeologists, who discovered the remains of prehistoric animals in one of the local caves.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to visit on Tilos

  • The village of Mikro Chorio

  • Monastery of St. Panteleimon

  • Port

  • Livadia area

  • The settlement of Hera

  • Church of St. Nicholas

  • Beaches

The village of Micro Chorio

An abandoned village with a population of fewer than two thousand people. The date of the founding of the village is not known. According to historical sources, the settlement was often attacked by Ottoman soldiers. This is confirmed by the fortification walls that once surrounded the town. After 1946 the settlement was deserted. The village consists of the ruins of two hundred buildings, some of which were destroyed to the ground.

Monastery of St. Panteleimon

It is located near the capital city and is named after the patron saint of the island. The holy monastery was founded in the 15th century. It stands on the top of the mountain among the cypress trees. From the top of the hill, there is a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. There are frescoes from the Byzantine period and a carved iconostasis in the monastery.

Port of Tilos 

It is a large town and is home to about three hundred thousand people. The settlement retains houses built in the local architectural style. The city is located in a bay whose shoreline is studded with pebbles. The city will introduce you to the basilica, built in the early Christian era, the ruins of the fortress, the cathedral of St. Nicholas, which is decorated with ancient frescoes, and the Church of the Virgin. The city is amazing in that almost all the buildings have been preserved in their entirety.


An impressive district of the island, which differs from other settlements by its unusual architecture. On the streets, you can find buildings that have a cultic value.  

The settlement of Hera

Here there is a small church of Taxiarches Lifos, the interior walls of which are painted with frescoes of the 16th century. 

Church of St. Nicholas 

This is the jewel of Livadia, which will allow you to admire the frescoes of the 13th century.

Beaches in Athens   Tilos Beaches

The Greek island of Tilos is considered one of the smallest in the archipelago and there are few beaches, but each of them has amazing views.


Located near the port of Tilos. Its length is a few kilometers. It is a beach with sections of pebbles and sand and comfortable sun loungers. You can also rent a hotel in the area and enjoy the local cuisine in one of the cozy taverns. In this part of the island, the water is shallow, so it is comfortable to rest here with children.

Plaka Beach

The coast with coarse pebbles, among which you can find shells, is surrounded by trees that cast a natural shade. It is an unorganized and therefore not very crowded beach on the island. And in the back of the beach, even though there is a warning sign, nudists gather.

Agios Sergios

It is a secluded beach, surrounded by rocks. The area has beautiful nature and can be accessed either on foot or by boat.


It is located three kilometers from the capital. There is no comfort, but vacationers love it because of the beautiful panoramic view and the emerald sea.

The beach of Agios Antonios

The beach is strewn with sand, interspersed with pebbles. Around the beach, there are a few fish taverns and a few guesthouses. The beach has no facilities, so please take food and drinks with you.

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