Overview and attractions of Nisyros

The Greek island of Nisyros is famous for its working volcano. The island has a population of about a thousand people and most of them live in a single town, which also serves as a port.

According to myths, Nisyros represents the rock that Poseidon threw at the giant named Polybot. The island attracts tourists with its secluded atmosphere and the unique volcano, which is located at its center.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to visit on Nisyros

  • The City of Mandraki

  • The Church of Our Lady of the Cave

  • Volcano

  • Archaeological Museum

  • The walls of the Acropolis Paleokastro

  • Temple of Taxiarhes

  • The thermal spring of Loutra

  • Thermal spring in the village of Pali

  • Beaches

The City of Mandraki 

Mandraki is the capital of the island. This is a small town, above which, on a hill stands a church. In the city, you will be greeted by snow-white houses, which stand almost on the shore. The shutters of the houses are painted blue, there are a lot of flowers and trees around and you can walk in the narrow old streets.

The Church of Our Lady of the Cave 

This is the main attraction of the city. Inside there are always a lot of people, as according to legend, whoever lights a candle inside the temple will be cured of childlessness. In addition, the icon of the Blessed Virgin is kept in the temple.


It is a unique opportunity to walk between the smoking craters, hear the rumble, wander along volcanic paths, and look at the island from the high mountain.

Archaeological Museum

Here you will learn all about the history of the island, as well as familiarize yourself with volcanoes and volcanic processes.

The walls of the Acropolis Paleokastro 

In the southern part of the city, you will find the walls of the Acropolis, which was built in the 4th century B.C. of volcanic basalt.

Temple of Taxiarhes

The church is located in the village of Embori. It was built inside a thirteenth-century fortress, and at its highest point offers a panoramic view of the sea. The temple attracts attention with ancient frescoes and icons.

The thermal spring of Loutra

Located north of the capital and is used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The thermal spring in the village of Pali

It was once chosen by Hippocrates himself who used its waters to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Beaches in Athens   Beaches of Nisyros

Nisyros is interesting not only because of its volcano but also because of its beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, and warm sun.

Pali Beach

The shoreline of the beach is strewn with golden sand, which is mixed with black pebbles. The beach is four kilometers from the capital city, so it is always crowded, both locals and tourists. On the beach, there are coffee shops and restaurants, but the infrastructure is not particularly developed.

Beach Lies

A wide shoreline, covered with golden sand with pebbles. It is a wild beach with no umbrellas or sun loungers, but there are taverns with local specialties.

Katsuni Beach

A large sandy beach, which is beloved by fishermen. There is no beach infrastructure, so take towels and food if you're going to swim here.

Avlaki beach

Located in the southern part of the island. The beach is dotted with fine pebbles, and its advantage is the thermal springs. It is comfortable for children because the beach entrance is shallow.

Pahia Ammos

You can get here only by water transport. It is a quiet resting place, where campers gather.

charter yacht   How to reach Nisyros

The easiest way to get to Nisyros is from Kos, a distance of 18 miles between the islands. It is also not far from Rhodes, at only 52 nautical miles.

The marina facilities at Nisyros

Nisyros has several marinas for mooring. You can moor at any one where there is room.

This island is very frequented by the yachtsmen and hence it is recommended to enter the marina before 16 o'clock and to get a free berth. 

The mooring fee is symbolic. The connection to shore communication is not available everywhere.

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