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Overview and attractions of Crete

The island of Crete offers not only a clear sea, majestic mountains, archaeological parks, and interesting museums. During the Bronze Age, the island was the center of Minoan culture, but besides the ancient ruins, you can also find monuments from the Venetian and Ottoman period. Crete, the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is dotted with distinctive villages and beckons with its wonderful scenery.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to see in Crete

  • Loutra settlement

  • Elounda Resort

  • The Island of Spinalonga

  • The town of Agios Nikolaos

  • The village of Anoia

  • Spedoni Cave

  • Plateau Lassithi

  • Kournas Lake

  • Old town of Chania

  • Archeological Museum

Loutra Settlement

The village is located in the southwestern part of the island. It can be reached only on foot or by boat. There are no roads in the village, which gives it a special zest. On Loutra, you can take a swim in the crystal clear sea, have lunch in one of the local tavernas and take a walk in this atmospheric place.

Elounda Resort

Elounda used to be a simple fishing village that has been transformed into a luxurious resort, known to the world for its luxury hotels. The port of the resort has preserved its traditional atmosphere and the local beaches have a "Blue Flag", indicating that the sea is really clean.

Island of Spinalonga

The place is located near the village of Elounda. Back in the 16th century, a fortification was built here. This is how the Venetians protected this part of Crete. The fortress remained for half a century unconquered by the Ottomans.

The town of Agios Nikolaos

There is a party atmosphere and a lot of spectacular views. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants on the waterfront, and the city's museums have a unique collection of historical and prehistoric monuments. Do not forget to walk to the church of Panagia Vrefotrofu, which was built in the 12th century. It is located in the western part of the harbor.

The village of Anoia

A large settlement that was destroyed during the war. In addition, the Nazis shot all the male population who participated in the resistance and kidnapped one of the generals.

Spedoni Cave

This geological site is 8 million years old. Here you can enjoy the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, which are represented by white, red, and gray. The cave is located in the settlement of Anoia.

Plateau Lassithi

The place is situated at the junction of the eastern and central parts of the island. This is one of the highest points of Crete, as the vegetation is reminiscent of the Alps. Moreover, here you can see world-famous windmills and canals. A must-see is the mountainous village of Krassi, with a laundry built by the Venetians, the Sycamore tree, the monastery of Our Lady with the healing icon and the cave in which, according to legend, Zeus was born.

Kournas Lake

Apart from this lake, there are no other freshwater formations in Crete. The lake is surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation. This is a nice place to relax, ride the river streetcars and sit in one of the taverns on the shore, where there are cute freshwater turtles.

Old Town of Chania

The historic site and the main town are on the west side of the island. Its main attraction is the old town with its Venetian fortress. The narrow cobblestone streets of Chania are an enticing sight to walk through and blend in harmoniously with the general style and comfort of the town. There are two museums in the city - the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum, where you can get acquainted with a rich collection of various exhibits. 

Archaeological Museum

The main museum of the island is situated in the capital of Crete. It is considered the richest in the collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization. The main exhibits of the museum are the figures of the Goddess with the snakes, the Thetaic disk, the frescoes, and the axe from Arkalohori.

Beaches in Athens   Beaches of Crete

In addition to historical sites, the island of Crete is known for its beautiful beaches, which attract attention not only for their infrastructure but also for the luxurious views.  

Elafonisi Beach

A famous Cretan beach, where tourists flock to see the pink sand. The sand is white and it is tinged pink by small shells. The sea is clean and shallow, so in this part of the island, you can swim even in October, because the water gets warm quickly.

Malia beach

This is a lively Cretan beach in the village of Malia, which has been transformed from a simple fishing village into a famous resort center.

Frangokastello Beach

The beach holiday destination gets its name from the fortress that is located nearby. The beach here is sandy and the entrance is shallow, so vacationers with children love to come here.

Georgioupoli beach

This beach is situated in the northern part of the island. It's perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday and then visit the historic sites in Chania and Rethymnon.

Beach Makriyalos

It is a beach that is located in the southern part of the island. Even though this part is almost untouched by tourists, this beach is an exception. It is located 30km from the capital of Crete and is popular for holidays with children, thanks to its shallow and clean sea.

charter yacht   How to reach Crete

Crete is south of Athens at 160 nautical meters and from Lavrio at 140 nautical meters. You can reach the island in one long crossing if the crew is prepared for such routes. 

Facilities at Crete Marina

The marinas are located on the north side of Crete. You can stay overnight at any marina you like or anchor in the lagoon, which is sheltered from the wind.

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