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Overview and attractions of Spetses

Not so popular, but very authentic, Spetses is loved by the most sophisticated tourists. It is believed to be the prototype of Thraxos in John Fowles' novel The Magus. It is on Spetses where the writer lived and taught in his youth. Due to this, the island today draws a large mass of tourists from the neighboring giant islands.

"Fragrant Island" - that's how its original name is translated. That's because the island abounds with herbs and fragrant plants. Almost all of its territory is occupied by a beautiful pine forest.

Spetses is very small and cozy, with a population of only about 4 thousand people. There are very few cars on the island and they cannot even be brought there. Until a while ago, cars were forbidden. It is only possible to move around on bicycles, boats, or horses. The main life of Spetses is in the capital and on the beaches. At its center is a hill named after the prophet Elijah.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to visit on Spetses

Port of Dapia

The commercial center of the town of Spetses (the capital of the island). Here you can walk from the pier along a cobblestone flowered street dotted with restaurants and bars. The preserved unchanged architecture of 18-19 centuries, distance from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, vividly draws in the imagination pictures of the past. Despite sparseness, the nightlife of the city is very rich - a large number of bars, outdoor terraces, and restaurants. Here is all the basic infrastructure - supermarket, bank, post office, etc.

Haji-Yanis Mexis Museum

A historical and archaeological museum dedicated to the life and culture of the island since its settlement. It occupies two floors in the mansion of the local social revolutionary Hadzi Yanis Mexis. Among the exhibits, one can find both ancient artifacts and objects commemorating the struggle for independence in 1821. 

Lascarina Babulina Museum

A local heroine and wealthy widow, she was born and lived her entire life on Spetses. During the war of independence with the Ottoman Empire, she used her own money to fully arm the navy and local rebels. The museum has many personal memorabilia that belonged to the woman. By the way, among the exhibits is an African scimitar, which Babulina was presented by Emperor Alexander I himself.

Beaches in Athens   The beaches of Spetses

There are plenty of places to swim on Spetses. This is why local Greeks from the mainland or other islands come here. Spetses beaches are few and clean, with clear water, all under the shade of big thick pine trees. Almost all are equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. You can choose a beach for all tastes - with coarse, fine pebbles or sand. The bottom here is quite deep - a paradise for diving.

charter yacht   How to reach Spetses

Spetses Island is in the Saronic Gulf and is the southernmost island of the 7-day charter route. The nearest island, Idra, is 18 miles to the north and takes about 4-5 hours.

Facilities at Spetses Marina

This island's marina is open and without a protective pier from the waves. For overnight moorings, it is recommended that you check the wind direction and stand up to the pier on a pullback wind, this will give you a comfortable berth and a quiet rest.

Parking at the pier is anchored, and the bottom is sandy, on this anchor chain is accepted to layout, on the entire length.

  • The depth is more than 3 meters.

  • There is a shore connection to water and electricity.

  • The number of seats is limited, so it is accepted to come before 16.00.  

  • The marina is not equipped with showers.

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