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Overview and attractions of Sifnos

Sifnos is a Cycladic Island and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. During the season thousands of tourists visit the small island. The active development of the island dates back to ancient times. In prehistoric times, the local craftsmen produced pottery, jewelry, and other objects made of precious metals, which had no equivalent in Greece. Today, this beautiful and picturesque island with amazingly beautiful beaches attracts people not only with its geographical attractions and historical sites. 

Since ancient times, Sifnos is known for its silver and gold mines. The so-called "Sifnos stone" was also mined here. The fact that the city reached its greatest prosperity in modern times is evidenced by the treasury, which was built as a gift to Apollo.

Museums and attractions in Athens   What to visit on Sifnos Island

  • Castro Castle

  • Churches and monasteries

  • Ancient towers

  • Archeological Museum

  • Folklore Museum

  • Museum of Ecclesiastical Art

  • Traditional villages


The castle was the capital of the island from ancient times until the 19th century. It was the seat of the Archdiocese of Sifnos. You can enter the castle through an old gate, which in ancient times was guarded by military towers. The area of the castle and the roads run over the roofs of single-story houses, which today are used as warehouses. Interesting is the fact that the chimneys of the buildings were led into the vertical walls. In the castle, you can stay overnight, as well as eat in one of the restaurants or drink coffee in a candy shop.

Monasteries and churches

There are 227 churches preserved on the island, many of which have been given the status of historical monuments. Among them are the churches that are located within the castle, as well as the monastery of St. John Chrysostom, the convent of the Virgin "Pulatti", the Church of St. Constantine, and many others.

Ancient towers

These constructions are ancient acropolises and mines. There are about 55 towers in total preserved on the island. The oldest was erected in the 3rd century BC. Aspros is the only tower that has survived almost in pristine condition. The locals began to build the towers after the Samian raids. The towers sent signals to people who had taken refuge in the acropolis. Later a signal system was created all over the island. The signals from the watchtowers were sent through fire or smoke.

Archaeological Museum

There is an Archaeological Museum that contains a collection of statues from the Archaic and Hellenistic periods. Restoration works in the museum were carried out at the end of the last century. Today the museum is working as usual.  

Folklore Museum

In Apollonia town, there is a folklore museum, where you can see the traditional household items of the local inhabitants, get acquainted with the agricultural tools that were used by the islanders, etc.

Museum of Ecclesiastical Art

It is located at the monastery of Our Lady of Vrisiani. The museum has a collection of ancient manuscripts, parchments, ancient books, sacred vessels, icons, vestments, etc.

Traditional villages of Sifnos

The villages of this island are quite diverse. The buildings of the former capital are of a defensive nature. The village is represented by the settlement with narrow streets with marble sarcophagi, gates, architectural coats of arms and columns, and the ruins of the castle at the top of the hill. All this has been kept intact on Sifnos.

Beaches in Athens   Sifnos Beaches

The island has an excellent beach infrastructure and an excellent level of service, not only in the restaurants and hotels but also on the beaches themselves. 

Kamares Beach

A long coastline that attracts attention with the turquoise sea. This is one of the island's popular Blue Flag beaches. The sea here is safe for children, it is shallow and warms up well.

The beaches of Faros, Fasolou, and Glyfos

Not far away from Faros, you will find three sandy beaches, one after the other. Once you've sunbathed on the sand you can eat in one of the fish restaurants or take a walk around Faros with its many antique landmarks.

Vafi Beach

Vafi beach is located in a cozy cove with a fine emerald sea and along a shoreline covered with sand. This beach is considered elite, as there are high-class hotels around it.

Beach Platys Yalos

The municipal beach of the island. This is one of the longest shorelines awarded with the "Blue Flag". Along the line, there are a large number of food outlets, hotels, stores, and ATMs.

Chryssopigi beach

A small secluded beach, surrounded by the tamarisk grove. It has everything for a comfortable holiday, which for many tourists is a major advantage, especially if you need to relax and unwind away from other tourists.

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