7 days | 240 nm
ECO route
A comfortable route through the southern islands of the Cyclades. For those who have long dreamed of visiting one of the most beautiful islands of Milos. This route is ideal for those who love a calm sailing trip with stops in the blue lagoons in Greece's most beautiful nature and corners. Milos is 80 nautical miles from Athens, and we recommend you stay here for a few days and enjoy the island's beauty.

Day 1 Athens - Kea   38 n.m.
Day 2 Kea Serifos   40 n.m.
Day 3 Serifos - Milos   28 n.m.
Day 4 Milos   
Day 5 Milos - Sifnos    24 n.m.
Day 6 Sifnos - Kythnos   30 n.m.
Day 7 Kythnos - Athens   44 n.m.

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